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Mondi Plc and Ltd
I’ve been thinking about buying a few mondi shares and I’ve noticed that they’re listed twice- once as Mondi Ltd and another as Mondi Plc. They both appear to be similar with the same share price and movement.

So does anyone know the difference between these two listings?

"plc" stands for "public listed company" which is the British equivalent of our "pty ltd" company. Mondi plc (MNP) is listed on the London stock exchange with a secondary listing in South Africa. Mondi Limited (MND) is listed on the JSE only.

The two are basically identical and the dividend payout of the two is identical. However, the dividend yield of MND is slightly higher than MNP because of its marginally cheaper share price. Thus, MND is the better buy of the two.

An excellent company, by the way - It's in my top 10 long term investment companies - one of those "hold for life" type companies. Excellent choice, in my opinion.

Thank you very much, that’s helped a lot. And they do seem like a very good investment. I have heard a lot of good things about them and a recent article about how they are increasing their capacity or something like that was the perfect sign that it was time for me to buy.

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