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List of free online financial courses
This list has a collection of free resources for learning better money management and financial planning that I found really useful so thought I would pass it along:


If you come accross any other FREE courses about finance and budgeting please add them.
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Our own JSE offer free courses, just stumbled onto them. Will watch them soon.


JSE101: An introduction to investing on the JSE
JSE102: An introduction to Forex Market
JSE103: Introduction to the Bond Market
JSE104: Introduction to Technical Analysis
JSE105: Introduction to Derivatives
JSE106: Introduction to the Commodity Market

Started on the first one, and the quality doesn't seem to bad.

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Some free courses here https://campus.moneyweb.co.za/courses-overview/ I think you need to be a member, but I think that is free as well.
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