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LinkedIn is Getting Bad Again
Viewer discretion advised. This is mostly a rant and I apologize in advance.

  1. Recruiters can lick every inch of my ball$ack. Seriously. Dude hit me up, informs me about another opportunity, I ask a question to see if it's worth my time, and he dodges it asking for a phone call at a time he chose. Ended up wasting my time - like talking to a wall.

  2. Titles - This shitbitch had the title "Senior Executive Analyst Director" with 3 months experience. Get off LinkedIn and direct yourself to the nearest cliff immediately.

  3. Idiot graduates fresh from college sharing a post of her busty graduation photo and a lengthy list of people she could thank as if she won an Oscar. More disturbing than the post itself - Hundreds of creepy "happily married" men 40+ congratulating her, some even going so far as to offer her an interview. Get your thirsty self off LinkedIn and get yourself an eHarmony on the low if Tinder Senior Edition didn't cut it.

  4. Sales Account Executives I personally knew doing heavy drugs in College trying to be professional....Bro, you just posted a status on FB about how many milf hoes you pulled while LIT at Teazers.

  5. Mfers that add a new skill everyday. My bra, you're up to like 134 skills, work in customer service, but have Financial Modeling listed because you once filled out your taxes.

  6. Question Whores. You ask a question, someone answers it perfectly, but you ask 20 more questions and never end saying thank you. Dude ....shut the hell up, take the advice, try to apply it, and move on. We didn't sign up for a damn 200 question Q&A.

Please feel free to add in your unique experiences.

Where's the busty grad pic for number 3 (I need context)?
IQ Test

I get a lot of "contact requests" from recruiters, even more since I started doing Java full-time.

Anyway, it's simple to manage - if the request comes with a detailed message wrt to the opportunity and the recruiter seems like the type that knows their shiaat and are more clued up than a mushroom in the dark, I accept or at least reply.

Else I delete the mail and the reminder mail.
IQ Test

Problem is with this new LinkedIn premium subscription - it enables people to message you directly.

My inbox overflows issue 1.

Issue 2, that LinkedIn newsfeed is a disaster of note.
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I can relate to the LinkedIn Premium, it is like they can violate my privacy for a fee.

I do not like it.

Yeah, I get actual spam/ad-like messages to my inbox all the time. Things that have nothing to do with my skills at all.

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