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Let's talk about the "everything else" budget
How many people budget for the odd stuff that happens once or twice every now and again?
For most, this generally includes gifts, lifts/uber to the airport, or other things of that nature.

Where does the "everything else" category fit in your overall planning?
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My credit card :/
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Don't budget for that. It comes out of my 'spending allowance' per month.

(08-31-2016, 10:19 AM)Hamster Wrote: My credit card :/

My face Twitches. I do not like that thing at ALL, I do not own one either.

I assume you still need to budget for it, because if you use a credit card simply to build credit then yea sure you look at the budget you see you can pay this and then you swipe the card and then deduct it from the budget, at least that is what I would have done?

Otherwise you swipe and swipe and before you know these once of occurrences got out of whack and you are in dept unnecessarily.

I try to build up what I call a "Cupcake Fund" it's basically my everything else fund it sits in a sub account in my Capitec bank account and I don't touch it unless it's items that does not fir any of my other categories and thus becomes "Everything Else".

Basically any odd money I have around, services rendered on a weekend or bonus here or just a surplus from the previous month I will then allocate some into that fund. This is not the same as my emergency fund, the emergency fund is set in the budget where a pre-determined amount gets allocated to it by default.

Thus my "Cupcake Fund" gets allocated a variable amount per month depending on other factors since it's just a cupcake and not an life emergency.
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All my day to day expenses are on the credit card which I settle every month. If you don't have self control though, throw it away.
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(08-31-2016, 11:37 AM)Hamster Wrote: All my day to day expenses are on the credit card which I settle every month. If you don't have self control though, throw it away.

I get that, but to me that still comes down to budgeting in a sense?

If you swipe for burgers then that is essentially Groceries and if you swipe for Spur Ribs that will be essentially eating out and so forth, so you still need to keep track of where your "swipes" go in order to make it through the month otherwise you swipe to much for one thing and realize on like the 25th of the month if you swipe to buy eggs now you will be over the amount you can pay off when your salary arrives.

Stupid examples, but what I am trying to get at is that if you use a credit card or a debit card or cash you still need to know how to allocate those expenditures in order to keep track of it all if that makes more sense.
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Rough budgeting I suppose
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