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Kumba Iron Ore or Exxaro?
I have roughly equal amounts in KIO and EXX, and I've been meaning to sell one because it's duplication (the graphs are almost identical), and exxaro owns 20% of KIO anyway.

But I've been holding on to both since I can't decide which one to keep and which one to buy.

Any thoughts?

Keep with exxaro, since owing it will provide you with exposure to KIO

You're probably right but I'm very attached to my Kumba stocks! Smile

I would sell them all and buy exxaro with the whole amount, I think, but sometimes it's hard to let go...

I wish I had Kumba, I actually have a picture here somewhere in the stock watch thread around April where I said I am considering buying it (https://platinumwealth.co.za/forum/Threa...tch-Thread) of course I did not buy it and look at this beast now.

[Image: MYerlVc.png]

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