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JSE Stock picks for 2018
I'd bet money Dis-Chem will grow at least 45% this year. It's my biggest individual stock at the moment. It's a tough choice between Clicks and Dis-Chem in that sector, but I think Dis-Chem is going to sky rocket. Clicks may be close to it's true value, I feel; not that I think it will drop, but I think it's growth might slow down a bit - to maybe 15%-25% for 2018.

Obviously, the fact that several of the directors sold a ton of their Dis-Chem shares last month will slow its progress a lot, but I believe by April Dis-Chem share prices will be as green as the grass of Ireland.

It's definitely my pick for 2018.

I only notice now we had Tiger Brands in there.

I can do you better - in my stock picks for this year I had Resilient and Capitec Sad
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That might hurt.

Well, Resilient will hurt.

(03-09-2018, 12:49 PM)Outlook Wrote: That might hurt.

Well, Resilient will hurt.

-50% :'(
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Boggles the mind that the JSE allowed it, even after the report came out.

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