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JSE Resource Companies
I am potentially wanting to diversify into some resource companies, anyone have any opinions or own any resource shares?


Kumba, but resources are a risky venture imo.

Resources - Any particular reason you want to climb in, I mean I know Kumba made like 300% and Lonmin made a few of us quite happy during the rights offer, but all in all this sector's return in the long haul is quite bitter. The Satrix Resi is down like -22.93% the last 3 years.

To me resources are so cyclical you practically need to be a trader to play in this sector.
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Agh, just wanted to throw it out there. I follow the iron ore market closely and I can't understand why people are so bullish on Kumba? The copper and graphite markets look fantastic going forward but dont know what companies deal exclusively in these spaces.

Keep in mind, most of my investments are for the very LT so buying in low and risky doesnt really phase me.

But yes @ranger, I do agree with you.

BHP for wide range of exposure.

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Agree resources are for trading... Sasol only one you really can invest in... but also volatile at best

Thanks guys, appreciate the input.

Only play I have in resources (for the long term) is a very small holding in Master Drilling. Kicking myself for not entering a year ago when resources where beaten down - will catch them next time.

Article on Lonmin https://platinumwealth.co.za/insights/in...portunity/

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