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JSE:ROC and JSE:NEP how high can they go
Eversince I bought ROC and NEP I can't help but wonder....

Will property crash.

Both of them are up up up up but will it continue?

Do I even understand them correctly are they directly relate to property to such an extent that property woes will carry over to them?
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They're not linked to property in the way owning a house is linked to property. They own Malls and office buildings which rely on rent etc. for income.

Not sure if they'll crash. NEP for instance owns a lot of Malls in Romania where apparently "mall culture" only recently took off. So looks good to me with my limited knowledge.
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That's NEP sorted then (:

Now JSE:ROC on the otherhand appears to be a global property company which to me sounds good, but again property, gold and oil is the three sections that I do not fully understand yet.

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