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JSE Power Hour: Position your portfolio for 2018
Every year, Just One Lap founder Simon Brown uses the last Power Hour to look at what we can expect from the year ahead.

First, he’ll review how accurate the previous year’s predictions have been before turning his attention to 2018.

2017 has been a turbulent year for global politics, but markets have been strong. Many markets have hit repeated all-time highs. Even local markets were having a good year, despite many distractions on the economic and political front.

Looking ahead to 2018, Simon will focus on local and global economic and political events. He’ll discuss how he expects these to affect markets, commodities, currencies and interest rates. He’ll also look for some local shares that might be worth considering within the context.

End your financial year on a high note with the JSE, Just One Lap and our Power Hour speakers. Stick around after the presentation to celebrate the end of 2017 with a drink.

Register for the free webinar here -> https://register.gotowebinar.com/registe...8408580355
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We should get PW t-shirts and cups and then show up there as a unit.
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