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Is platincoin scam? It is good platform.
Who knows about platincoin? I found this information:

Monetization of PLATINCOIN platform is performed by selling of business packages priced from 5 € to 1 000 € covering following topics: network marketing; online promotion; effective sales communication; blockchain technology.

By obtaining a business package of chosen price the user gets access to desired set of e-learning services and marketing solutions of PLATINCOIN: Academy Points, AdPoints, Voices, PLC.


Academy Points Give access to learning materials in PLC Academy: video lessons, articles, validation tests. The more academy points you have the more learning levels you can achieve.

Allow to advertise in the social network

PLC Network
without spending on it additional money. Voices Are used by cryptosystem users for voting on PLC Business platform.

Is another marketing solution of PLATINCOIN cryptosystem giving the opportunity to use all benefits of our technologies.

Platincoin scam or not.

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