Is gold a good investment?
Gold’s fans advocate owning the yellow metal as a hedge against inflation and stock market disaster. But other investors, including Warren Buffett, believe it has no role in a modern portfolio. 

Quote:“Gold has no intrinsic value other than for jewellery and some industrial use, and it produces no income,” says Joe Heider, founder of Cirrus Wealth Management in Cleveland. 

Over the long term, he says, gold is no match for a diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds. Since 1986, the price of gold has increased by roughly 200%; in the same period, the Dow Jones industrial average rose 900%. If you’re determined to own gold, it’s best notto hold it in physical form. 

A safer—and cheaper—approach is to buy an ETF backed by the precious metal, in any given year, gold can outshine stocks (and vice versa), but over the long term, equities beat the precious metal.

/logs onto ABSA
/sees GLD holding still down 14%
/promises myself never to buy gold ever again

That being said:

(02-20-2017, 08:05 AM)Hamster Wrote: That being said:

/buys gold
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