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Interesting Finance Infographics
If you come across any infographics about finance and investing feel free to post them here Smile

Rules: Please only add one infographic per post in order to keep this clutter free, you can post a million times consecutively if you so feel like it. If you quote someone, please remove the image from the quote again to limit cluttering

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What are Dividends

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Very interesting, even though it's a month and a half old, not sure who to contact to get an update after PravinGate...
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Ahh man! That is super! I hope Fin24 updates it.
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(08-25-2016, 11:42 AM)Spreadsheet Ranger Wrote: Ahh man! That is super! I hope Fin24 updates it.

The guy who wrote the article is "Matthew le Cordeur", but I can't find an email to ask him if he could update it...

although not directly related to finance, still affects us all financially:
[Image: 14affe11c18d469aafb895f87f76b561.jpg]

[Image: b54cc5d281104709bb4258ca6ae66b1d.gif]

Quote:One of the measures which shows South Africa’s economic problem is Debt-to-GDP – a ratio between government debt and its gross domestic product (an estimate of the size of the economy).

A low Debt-to-GDP ratio represents an economy that “produces and sells goods and services sufficient to pay back debts without incurring further debt”.

In South Africa, the opposite is happening. Economic growth has slowed to just above 0% and government spending is increasing all the time.

South Africa was making excellent progress under former president Thabo Mbeki, but then the financial crisis hit and Jacob Zuma became president.

[Image: Public-Debt-over-GDP-640x519.jpg]

Source: http://mybroadband.co.za/news/business/1...icans.html

Events that helped shape the JSE All Share in 2016
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Thank you, awesome thread.
Very informative.

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