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Insimbi Profits Rocket

So glad I got in with these guys, expecting great things from them in the years to come

One of my very first JSE investments, but for a very long time things just flat lined between 85-110

Also one of the very few listings I still keep on the JSE, mostly since the liquidity is soooooo low it's hard to sell using EE Big Grin

Glad it's finally picking up!

I bought in quite high and late @ 155c but these guys look quite aggressive in their growth approach so holding out for the LT with them

Yeah, I've been in it for almost 2 years now, been growing slowly, but at least this last spurt has put me very far in the green Smile

Yeah im sure it has big time.

Ouch, Insimbi just dropped 14%, anyone have any insights?

Profit taking perhaps?

Potentially, saw it bounced back up towards the late afternoon.

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