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Ice3X discrepancies
Hellooo everyone

I've been trading in Luno for a while now, but I still watch Ice3X to see their market price of bitcoin. Every now and then I notice extreme outliers in the price. Has anyone else notice this?

For example, if you look at the exchanges history, the price of bitcoin instantly shoots up to exorbitant amounts ( such as R100 000 per Bitcoin) and then drops to market averages. I've also seen some buy orders filled at around R100 per Bitcoin.

Do you think that this is just a system glitch or are people actually trading at these ridiculous amounts?

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From what I understand, if someone wants to sell bitcoin and puts in a price of R100 by accident, and still approves the popup message confirming, it will sell the bitcoin for R100. Same goes the other way...if you say you want to buy bitcoin for R100000 and you confirm the price, it will sell you the amount of bitcoin you want for that price. The ice trading engine will match orders accordingly....moral of the story is to always check your order on the confirmation popup window.
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