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[ICO Introduction] INK Protocol
Another ICO I'm very bullish on is INK Protocol.

My score (based on 32 Point system explained in my other topic found here)   32 

[Image: QNxchmI.png]

1.   What is their idea, product, tech  (score: 4/4)

Ink Protocol (XNK Token) is a Decentralized reputation and payments protocol for peer-to-peer marketplaces.
Ink helps users safely send and receive payments in P2P marketplaces while earning public reputation for every completed transaction. It greatly enhances the buying/selling process with decentralized 
reputation and feedback ratings, decentralized escrow for secure payments, third party dispute 
resolution, and very low transaction costs.  

 2.   What problem they want to solve (score 4/4)

Imagine MyBB users know you enough to know your ads in the classified section are not fake or scam. Now if you go to olx you need to build your reputation from ground up. INK is determined to solve this by attaching your identity to your wallet. this way you can accumulate your reputation across different platforms. 

3.   How they will solve this problem. (Score 4/4)
I believe this is the best part. Ink can be integrated into new or existing marketplaces and can also be used in marketplaces that don't directly handle payments (eg, olx, gumtree and Facebook Marketplace).
So if you sell/buy with XNK tokens every transaction you make will be recorded on the INK blockchain and adds to your reputation.

4.   What is the history of the project (Score 4/4)

INK protocol is developed by listia
Listia was stablished in 2009 and has over 10 million users and more than 100 million items were traded there so far. This means right off the bat they have millions of POTENTIAL users. even if 0.1% of this people start trading with XNK it measn 10,000 people NEED to buy XNK from exchanges from us ICO participants. Huge demand = increased value

5.   Minimum Viable product (MVP) or a demo (4/4)

Since they have a fully functional product and 9 years business history MVP is irreleavent. However Ink Protocol network will go live this February. So right after the token sale a huge milestone will be met.
They also have an Android and iOS App. Android app has 4.2 rating on Play store and 1 Million downloads. 

6.   Roadmap (4/4)

January 2018 – Ink Protocol public launch and token distribution event
February 2018 – Ink Protocol network goes live and ready for everyone to use!
February 2018 – Listia.com XNK integration goes live!
Q1 2018 – Ink Pay App and Developer Portal launch
Q2 2018 – Launch Reputation Aggregators and work on Marketplace Partnerships
2018 – Ink Protocol services, integration into existing marketplaces, developer community

They are going to release a standalone App called INK Pay. you can use this app on any marketplace even if you are not familiar with crypto or have no account on listia. [This one is huge!]

7.   Team and Advisers backgrounds (Score 4/4)

CEO started his carrier at Zyxel working on P2P tech. Then he moved into e-Commerce and founded some online stores and ended up Starting Listia.
XNK is a P2P marketplace. So he is doing what he was doing more than 10 years. Not like a CEO for certain ICO who outsourced all his tech!  Big Grin
Other team members have Cisco and Sun Microsystems on their resume.
Quantstamp is also one of their strategic partners. They did an audit of their smartcontract. 

8. Token Metrics  (4/4)

[Image: bvcahfS.jpg]

$15 Million hardcap. 3 years lockup on the team and advisers tokens. This can't get any better!

9. Links

Website: https://paywithink.com/

Whitepaper: https://paywithink.com/#documents

Medium: https://medium.com/@PayWithInk

Telegram: https://t.me/paywithink

ICO Start date: 01/02/2018  8PM UTC
ICO Ends: 28[b]/02/2018  8PM UTC[/b]
Better hurry and register now since it's oversubscribed already. 
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