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I was wrong about Ethereum
Interesting read this, even if you don't agree or don't WANT to agree. A lot of it is common sense but also some unique views.


At the end of the day - be responsible. Pushing all your savings into cryptocurrencies is not a smart move IMO, but just be informed when you do it.

Money isn't just created out of thin air and like everything trading you make money by taking it from somebody else. Liquidity is a reality and one day you may end up with 1000 BTC or ETH coins, but if nobody actually wants them from you you're stuck with them.

The next 5 years are going to be very interesting. We're not there yet but the financial world will probably look a lot different than it does today.
IQ Test

Most of what you are saying is true, however money is in fact created out of thin air check this video. That's why the cryptos are gaining such traction.
Watch this video for more background


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