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I enjoy romantic walks on the beach...

Thought I'd introduce myself, since I've been lurking around for ages.

I'm still a bit of a noob when it comes to investing, but I aim to improve, and the threads on here are very helpful at times.

More of a "General Chat" kind of gal and certain other forums are just not that friendly anymore, so here I am  Wink

/exit stage left

Welcome to a new chapter!

Whoop Whoop
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Welcome to PW!


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I like romantic walks myself.

Welcome home.

Welcome to the nut house, hope you collected your straitjacket upon exit.

Seeing as though we appear to have multiple lovers of romantic beach walking, would someone please be so kind in elaborating a bit more exactly what that entails as I've come across an plethora of people listing this as one of their favorite activities?

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