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How to buy shares on the JSE with Easy Equities
Introducing the Platinum Wealth DIY Easy Equities Basket
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After you have gotten started with your TFSA (link to TFSA article), you should have a good understanding of what ETFs are and why they make great diversified investments.

Now it is time to move onto stocks and build your own DIY portfolio. We learned through our market research that new investors and young people really do not care about emerging markets, REITs, or standard deviation. They are also not that interested in the debate between actively managed investments versus index funds.

What they do care about is the risk. They want to understand the chances of losing money. So with that, we created this portfolio and guide to eliminate as much of the fear associated with investing as possible.

What is the Platinum Wealth Basket?
We created a basket of shares to form a diversified portfolio, the aim with this portfolio is to highlight the importance of diversification, not just by the number of stocks that you own, but also the type of businesses those stocks are operating.

Example, Naspers makes out 20% of this entire portfolio. We added Naspers to illustrate how this diversification within your stock looks like in practice.

By owning a share in Naspers, you own a piece of the following businesses; Media24 (news24, fin24 etc), Multichoice (DSTV, Mnet, Supersport etc), Luno (Bitcoin exchange), Takealot, OLX, Tencent, Showmax, PayU and many more companies.

Another diversified stock in this basket is PSG, which also makes up 20% of the portfolio. By owning a share in PSG you have exposure to Capitec Bank, Curro Private schools, and Zeder who in turn are invested in a diversified group of companies like Pioneer Foods, Kaap Ari, Quantum Foods and many other sustainable Agribusinesses.

We also added Long 4 Life (Long 4 Life thread) to the basket; this stock makes out 30% of the portfolio and the reason is simple. Long4Life plans to invest in businesses with attractive growth prospects, led by strong, entrepreneurial-minded management teams. When you own a share in Long4Life you own a piece of Holdsport, which owns Sportsmans Warehouse and Outdoor Warehouse, you also own a piece of the Sorbet Group.

You should start to see a theme developing here, diversification.

How to buy these shares on EasyEquities
The first thing you need to do is to create an account on EasyEquities – Click on this link
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Now that you have an EasyEquities account you will need to FICA the account – Click on this link

You can now proceed to purchase the Platinum Wealth basket by clicking on this link.

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If you have any questions regarding the EasyEquities platform feel free to ask @jonobruton or tweet to EasyE directly.

Bonus Investment option - Robo-advisors
Although we focus primarily on DIY investing so-called Robo-advisors like Advicement offer the benefits of a financial advisor with the ease of using an online broker. Robo-advisors are growing in popularity and take the stress out of knowing how (and when) to invest, as well as having to meet with someone in-person. With Robo-advisors, you are instantly diversified in a plethora of stocks and ETFs, and your allocations will automatically adjust for you based on your goals.

You can connect with Advicement here on Platinum Wealth - Advicement Thread
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Stunning thread admin.


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