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How the JSE compares to the biggest stock exchanges
Biggest stock exchanges in the world and how the JSE compares to them. The JSE is ranked 17th in comparison to the worlds biggest stock exchanges measured by market capitalization in US dollars.

There are 472 companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, compared with 2400 listed companies on the New York Stock Exchange and 5749 listed companies on the Bombay Stock Exchange.

The JSE is 128 years old whereas the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is sitting on 431 years of age and the Nasdaq is 45 years old.

Stock Exchange Ranks

1 New York Stock Exchange $19.2 Trillion

2 Nasdaq $8.8 Trillion

3 London Stock Exchange $6.2 Trillion

4 Tokyo Stock Exchange $4.5 Trillion

5 Shanghai Stock Exchange $3.9 Trillion

6 Hong Kong Stock Exchange $3.3 Trillion

7 Euronext $3.3 Trillion

8 Toronto Stock Exchange $2.8 Trillion

9 Shenzhen Stock Exchange $2.3 Trillion

10 Frankfurt Stock Exchange $1.8 Trillion

11 Bombay Stock Exchange $1.7 Trillion

12 National Stock Exchange $1.6 Trillion

13 SIX Swiss Exchange $1.5 Trillion

14 Australian Securities Exchange $1.3 Trillion

15 Korea Exchange $1.3 Trillion

16 Nasdaq Exchange $1.2 Trillion

17 Johannesburg Stock Exchange $951 Billion

Putting things into perspective if you think about it.
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Trade Idea on JSE Ltd this morning coincidentally...

The strength in the Rand has helped finance and retail counters rebound somewhat. The JSE with its ability to facilitate execution is in a strong short term position to take advantage of any (outward?) flow. Technically we have seen the share price rebound strongly after a a steep decline, now having formed an inverse head and shoulders pattern; normally a signal of a reversal in a bearish downward trend. A break above the confluence of the diagonal and horizontal support at the right hand shoulder of the pattern, which technicians would term as the neckline, would signal a confirmation of the upward break. A target of 15100c is expected and this is normally assumed as the height of the head to the neckline, projected upward from the right shoulder, all though this is not an exact science. An increase in volume should accompany the breakout for confirmation and traders may see it as a little concerning, given that it has fallen off on the rally. A failure for the current setup would be considered with a close below the right hand shoulder of the pattern at 13359c. The risk to reward ratio of this trade setup constitutes a little more than 1: 2 with a downside of 3.8% and upside of 8.9%

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