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How many shares should a portfolio contain?
Been a bit quite  - so thought we could do with a bit of a conversation starter...

For me, I have split my portfolio into two - and treat them separately. I have an income generating portfolio - roughly half SA Reits/ Half oversea REITS.  Contains 24 companies.

Then I have what i call a CGT portfolio which is about 1/4 of the size and contains companies that i hope will grow with/without taking in consideration dividends - contains 30 shares.

Only etfs I have are in my TFSA

Biggest holding would be 8.7%(capitec)  and smallest 0.14%(steffanuti and PBT). Many would say - why bother having such a tiny holding? Well, when newcomer capitec launched, what percentage would a savvy invested have had invested? 1 -2 % max would be my guess. 

I like the fact the most of my counters could fall 20 - 30% - and although I would not be a happy camper - certainly would not harm me too much.

On the down side - maybe  it is a bit of a shotgun approach to building a portfolio - maybe by limiting yourself to 5 - 6 counters you would be more invested in them. Of course, that could bring in a few problems. 

One idea I quite like is 70 - 80% etfs, then a few selected companies at 4-5% each.

The problem is, I really enjoy reading SENS from companies I have an interest in.

Anyway, what's your feelings on the matter?

I went with 2 ETFs (50% of my holdings)
Sygnia's MCSI World and Absa's NFEMOM

And then I have 4 - 6 Shares - I am buying and selling - do not have a stable group yet other than KAP and Naspers which I have kept since the beginning.

ETFs and Unit Trusts over here. No "single shares"...had them, not too keen to get back in again.

I have 2 ETFs, treating me very well, satrix indi, coreshares S&P 500 and one unit trust through coronation.

Over and above that keep about 10% of the total in shares, about 10 companies.

I personally strongly believe in ETFs, especially for LT investment.

I have 16 shares in my portfolio no ETFs. I am trying to see if the market can be beat by focusing on the FINDI 30 shares minus the dogs in there. Lets see if that works. It will take a while.

Interesting test, keep us updated.

So as far as my portfolios go (cash, RA and pension aside):

Portfolio 1:
My very portfolio evolved into this but I do not contribute to it anymore.

SYGWD, NFEMOM, PTXTEN (40/35/25 split)

Portfolio 2 (TFSA):

Except for cash and bonds I don't think an ETF Portfolio can be diversified any better and it's doing very well atm.

Portfolio 3 (Stanlib unit trusts):
Diversified Equity Fund of Funds
Global Balanced Feeder Fund

...and I know certain bloggers are going to turn in their graves, but I do like those unit trusts and will probably move all of Portfolio 1 to it. They give exceptional diversification in my opinion and I'll probably convert that feeder fund into the true offshore counterpart next year some time.

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