How is Forex trading different from a job?
Most people think that Forex trading is someway similar to doing office. There is not even the slightest similarity in Forex and doing your job in the office. It is nothing but a misconception that most of the people hold about Forex. In our article, we are going to demolish this misconception about Forex trading industry and doing the day job. After you have finished reading your article, you will be able to understand why more and more people every day are becoming interested in this market. It is not the money that are attracting people in this market, but it is the freedom and the choice making ability that people have been missing for thousands of years in this world.

No more 9-5 grind
Can you name any person who does not do his job in the office from 9 am to 5 pm? Even the CEOs of the world top companies are doing the same official time. This time is like a meat grinder for the employees and it will take out all of your life energy from you. Traders like Forex trading because there is no fixed time. You are your own boss and can place your trade anytime. You have that golden chance to escape the slave time of an office. You need to work very hard at the early part of your trading career to develop your trading skills. If you take any short cut in this industry then you are going to lose a huge amount of money. Though it’s not a fixed time job since you will have your trading sessions where you need to present yourself in front of your work station so that you can trade to earn money. In a job, you will get paid at the end of the month even if you don’t follow strict discipline but in your trading career discipline is one of the key factors for long term success.

The economic and the REAL freedom
Traders in the world of Forex has one thing that no other employees in the world have. That is your economic and real freedom over your life. There is no fixed economic salary on your work. There is no boss on your work. You are working on your own and you can make any amount of money as you want. But the most real advantage is the REAL freedom that you enjoy by being a Forex trader. You can do whatever you want to do. There is no need to give an explanation to your office why you cannot come or why you are late. There is no need to do overtime in the office when you should be home for your dinner.

These are very few rare opportunities that only a handful of job can give to people and Forex is one for them. Imagine you can work from your home and earn your money by only having a computer and an internet connection. This freedom is priceless and you cannot put a price on this freedom. You can easily place your trade in your online trading account at any movement from any part of this world. No one is going to ask you why you have place your trade. You are the one who will truly enjoy the potential profit or loss in the financial industry. So if you think to become a full-time trader then make sure that you have a solid trading strategy to deal with your losing trades at hard times. And never trade the market with any money which you can afford to lose.

Summary: Trading is one of the most elite professions in today’s world. If you want to consider this elite profession as your career then be prepare to lead a disciplined life. And you also need to highly educate yourself in order to survive the wild swings of the market.

Mr Smith I see you added a link there to saxo bank, is there a particular reason why South Africans would want to use that over someone more local and trusted like IG Markets?

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