Hot performing crypto currencies
Hi All

I am new to crypto currency and this forum.
What are your view on the below crypto's  - if you have to buy some which one's would you go for ?

2.Factom - $29.0208 Rank#13
3.MaidSafe $0.5569 Rank#16
5.Ripple $0.2930 Rank#4
6.Litecoin $29.1008 Rank#3
7.Dogecoin $0.00339639 Rank#5
8.Siacoin $0.01 Rank#6
9.Monero $55.15  Rank#7
10. Dash $144.76 Rank#8

Thanks !!

Definitely Sia.

Followed by Civic and IOTA.

Rather Civic followed by IOTA followed by SIA.
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