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Hidden Forums Activated
The hidden Sub-Forums for the Platinum Wealth club has been created, if you as a non-club-member discover anything visible please report it to me Smile

Thorough testing has been done to ensure it is protected, but can't hurt to have a extra pair of eyes also keeping watch.

As for general users who thinks about joining the forum, you are more than welcome ALL of the forum functionality is available to you for FREE, it's only private introductions of the Platinum Wealth investment club members that is hidden from the public. 

For existing investment clubs, feel free to send me a message if you would like your club to be listed on here as well complete with hidden sections the works, again it's completely FREE.

This is what you should NOT be able to see:

JSE Finance Forum Attachment - Filename: 2016-06-08_9-32-06.jpg   
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