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Hello to you all
Sera here. Finally decided to come out of the shadows and start posting.
I've been following crypto for over a year now, mostly on reddit. Had to buy another car and other personal issues, so just managed to invest in October. So far Sooo good!
I can respect Bitcoin as a pioneer of Blockchain tech and am grateful for the awareness and mass adoption that it's bringing to this space. But I'm an Ethereum hardcore fan.
So many times crypto mania is compared to the .com bubble and how bitcoin and crypto economy is going to collapse one day. I believe with the way bitcoin price speculation and its power plays and politics work a collapse is plausible. Then again .com bubble gave us Google and Amazon and 4K 120Hz framerates. So all is and will be well at the end. I’m trying to put my money in projects and tokens that will be standing strong after the [plausible] big short. That’s why I’ve been doing a lot of homework and I hope to learn more from pw.

Hey, welcome to the forum! I think you will feel right at home in our crypto sub forum Smile
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Thank you so much. Looking forward to learn from PW community!
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