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Hello :)
Hey Everyone,

Just a quick hello and a bit about why I joined.

Technical analysis has always interested me.
For the last few years i've been meaning to build a trading system based on this but never gotten around to it.

Hopefully that'll change soon.

I plan on using an open source statistical language called R in order to back test as well as find buy/sell signals.
(Added benefit is that my work could soon involve using a bit of R too.)

All my code will be posted so if anyone wants to use it you're welcome to. Be careful though, i'm still pretty new at it so i'm sure there will be a few bugs around. [Image: bug.png] <-- Haha, I found a bug emoticon.

Hopefully I can get some input/feedback from all of you, i'll try code it up and we can see what results we get.

The plan is to start simple, buy when this moving average passes that moving average or something similar ( 1 step at a time Smile )
Eventually i'd like to get to the fun data science side of stuff and see if we can train a neural network/decision tree/svm/etc to do some trades.

I'm sure it's all been done before and software out there will do 99% of what i'm planning on, this is just an opportunity to learn and this stuff quite interesting either way.


Welcome, sounds like you will be having your hands full

I'll gladly play around with whatever you create in the end, should be entertaining.

Welcome to the forum @E=MC2+1

What we need on this forum is a thread about charts! Call it Charts of Interest or something and just post Technical analysis of stocks each day.

I enjoy looking at charts although I am not a trader myself.

Almost like what she does on twitter, but just in a thread - https://twitter.com/Richards_Karin

Welcome, sounds interesting!! What criteria will you use to 'watch' a stock? Buying? Selling? Stock value? Just curious Big Grin

Thanks for that twitter account. Looks interesting. Will go through it in detail as soon as I get a chance.

As for criteria used, I've been lazy so haven't got a formal system sorted yet. Hopefully that will be sorted in a month or 2 though.

R has a few packages with most technical analysis indicators built in so whichever ones give the best results at the end of the day I guess. And a few custom indicators if they look good too.

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That twitter link and this one - https://twitter.com/Storm_Trading

Would be pretty sweet if those guys join here or someone here do those sort of charts.

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