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Gunman shot dead by cops after taking hostages in Walmart
A gunman who took at least one person hostage in a “workplace violence” incident at a Walmart in Texas Tuesday morning has been shot and killed by a SWAT team, police said.

Authorities responded to an active shooter situation with possible hostages at a local Walmart in Amarillo, TX on Interstate 27 and Georgia Street.

The Amarillo Police Department tweeted that the gunman was “shot by APD SWAT and is apparently dead. Hostages inside are safe.”

The official Twitter account for the city of Amarillo warned people to “avoid” the Walmart.

Police said that there were no reported injuries or deaths and that the incident “appears to be a workplace violence type event.”

Witnesses told ABC 7 Amarillo that the shooter was an employee that took another employee hostage, the news channel reported.

The Amarillo Police Department tweeted, “NO confirmed gunshot victims at Wal-Mart. Officers are inside. No shooting ongoing at this moment.”

Source: http://nypost.com/2016/06/14/amarillo-po...a-walmart/
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