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Hi all

I'm new to this forum. Been lurking for quite some time. I prefer not to say much - which I will try to address in the future.

So about me - I'm in the tax business and I deal with SARS. Great stuff.

I enjoy searching for value investments and I'm always keen to learn more.

That should suffice I rate.

Welcome! Now we have a contact at SARS! :-P

I won't say at SARS.

I prefer fighting for the good guys and reducing the lovely tax liability owed by them.

Sorry to get your hopes up Tongue

But I do know a trick or two Wink

Hello and welcome to the forum, I hope you enjoy your stay here.
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If you new to investment I would use easyequities as platform.... I am investigating close to 15years now the best advice is diversify stay away from resources ... if the price is right it shoots the lights out and if you wrong you get shot... I have a 5% rule no more than 5% per share. I diversify ower sectors and countrys.... but what works for you can be something different some of my shares GRT, SRE, BID, BVT,CPI,SHP,SNH, SRR,FSR

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