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Great SA websites that failed
Can anyone think of any South African websites that were a really good idea or did something better than their competition did, but failed?

Internationally (Primarily US) there seems to be ample examples, but I often wonder about our own history in this space surely there where some smart SA web entrepreneurs which would make for some interesting stories?

I wanted to create this thread, because I could only think of the common examples:


google vs yahoo

facebook vs myspace

snapchap & instagram vs vine

MSN messenger vs skype/facebook/instant messaging apps

veoh or vimeo vs Youtube, back in the day veoh and vimeo was alot better than youtube. It offered HD streaming before youtube did.

Well, SA we did have a Q&A site run by Media24 called Answerit which I thought was better than Yahoo Answers. I think that was when 24.com was still trying the portal strategy.

internationally aol.com aol/aim messenger. I used to have an aol email.

Locally I can only think of an app that had great potential called MXIT. It became a dinosaur in a space that was changing by the minute, I believe they would've been up there with whatsapp and WeChat

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