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GT247.com's MetaTrader 5 launched
MetaTrader 5 is here!

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It’s been years of planning, months of implementation and many requests from you our valued traders. But the time is here, GT247.com is bringing you the best of the best in trading platforms, a new and improved institutional multi-asset trading platform… MetaTrader 5 (MT5).

We know that successful trading starts with the right tools and platform, so we wanted to bring you the best around. MT5 offers outstanding technical analysis tools, charts and strategies, automated trading systems, copy trading and much much more. The platform is very user-friendly for the beginner trader, but also has the most advanced tools and capabilities for our experienced traders.

So what does this mean?
We will start the first phase of the old to new transition next week, this will happen in batches and will be communicated to you directly, we plan to have everyone moved across to MT5 by the end of October. We understand change is difficult for some, but we are confident MT5 will bring huge benefits and value to your day to day trading.

Your money
In order to make this process seamless with no impact on your trading, your funds will automatically be transferred into your new MT5 account.
Keep an eye out for a link to your new MT5 demo account, so you can familiarise yourself with the new platform.

Understanding the platform
Our dedicated trading desk will be working around the clock to ensure that you are comfortable with the new platform before you place your first trade. Our short video tutorials are easy to understand, but help is just a click (or phone call) away.

Your overall trading experience and needs are very important to us, which is why we are confident that our new platform will give you all the functionality you need to be a successful trader.
If you have any questions or concerns, we're here to help.

Kurt Solomon | GT247.com brand manager.

^From their newsletter

Excellent news. Use MT5 for FX - will be great to use it for SA cfds. Weird that i am learning about it here as I have a GT account that i use every day.

(10-06-2017, 08:48 PM)MrDividend Wrote: Excellent news. Use MT5 for FX - will be great to use it for SA cfds. Weird that i am learning about it here as I have a GT account that i use every day.

That is what I like to hear! PW for the win.
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I have switched over from prorealtime to mt5 on gt247. Daily analysis will now be done on mt5. Also lookout for mt5 algo tutorials on the algotrading website.

So is this mt5 trading platform just like a platform to buy and sell shares etc? I’ve heard of GT247 but not too familiar with it.

Not being able to modify/place orders after market closes is really starting to irritate me...

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