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Free Investment/Wealth Tools - Is there a need?
Hi everyone, 

We (https://advicement.co.za) are looking to build some free online tools to assist people in understanding their investments. For example: 
  • Benefits of a tax-free savings accounts, how much will you save in tax after a certain number of years?
  • How much will you have when you retire and how long will it last under various withdrawal assumptions? 
  • Are you maximising your retirement contributions and how can they be more optimal?
  • What is the impact of fees on your investment?
The idea is to create general tools which are easy-to-use and where you can change certain assumptions and see their impact. 

I was wondering if you would find such tools useful? Feel free to leave your opinion/criticism/ideas below. 


Igor Rodionov, 
Advicement Investment Services

Not sure how viable this would be but I would love a tool that can show what each retirement annuity's fees are depending on how much I save.

So essentially anything that shows fees is a great tool and makes it easier to talk to people because it's factual you can show them.

I just want a decent watchlist where I can add my positions, categorise the instrumetnts and see pie charts with a breakdown of the stats:

40% local, 50% developed, 10% emerging


30% local equities
10% local property
10 % foreign property
50% foreign equity

... default categorisations that I can override (multiple categories per instrument).

It's actually not difficult to build if one has the time.
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OH! And like Bloomberg's offering multiple watchlists will be awesome so I can split my TFSA and ETF Portfolio. But what is missing is an auto watchlist that automatically combines the other watchlists to give me an overview of all my investments.
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