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Fnb Investments
Hi,can you please help me with FNB Investments....i am confused with the following,I don't understand the difference!What is it?

Share Builder 

Share Investor 

Share Saver 

If not should I take it out with fnb or some one else if you do know who please explain why?and also how many shares you guys think I should invest in or buy ?

Share Saver - cheapest, invests your money into the top 100 companies using the two Ashburton ETFs

Share Builder - FNB pre-selects shares you can invest in

Share Investor - Full share investing

Long story short... use easy equites or Absa :p
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If I use easy aquites?do I need to invest monthly

No, whenever you want to
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But is it shares,sorry for the trouble?

Shares, ETFs and ETNs
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