Financial analysis
Good day ladies and gentlemen 

I am a financial advisor at discovery , currently in training.

I am tasked to make appointments so I can shadow my manager with regards to financial planning.

So I will be doing under supervision of my manager financial needs analysis.

I will not charge for this all I ask for is your time.
It should take about an hour.

I am in johannesburg and will travel to meet you at your convenience.

If you are interested please direct message me.

To the admin and moderators if this is not allowed please let me know and I will delete the thread 

Thank you

Hey. Welcome to the forum.

I have invited him hoping he can help someone here with a free financial analysis and planning.

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Sweet initiative! Welcome.
Register for an EasyEquities account by clicking here

Also if u guys have friends or family in need of this send me their numbers and I'll contact them

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Hey all

So I still do the financial needs analysis and can advise w.r.t retirement planning death planning and even medical planning.

If you have anyone who or if you personally need a financial needs analysis I am able to assist

My accreditation is with discovery.

This is a free service offered by myself

Since I am a broker referrals mean more to me than some bucks

Thanks guys

You can contact me on WhatsApp call me or sms me on
076 974 29 69

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