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Financial Pornography
Very well written pice by Warren Ingram (one of the few guys I "admire" in the financial world and you'd do yourself a favour buying his book)

Quote:Even respected publications make mistakes by publishing financial pornography from time to time. In an article written in Fortune Magazine in 1999, a Fortune journalist wrote, “Unfortunately, rational…stories don’t sell magazines, cause hits on websites, or boost Nielsen ratings”. I don’t believe this is completely true.

IQ Test

Pics or GTFO

(05-18-2017, 08:42 AM)Noobly Wrote: Pics or GTFO

[Image: 4235a0343fb1ef5ce41a77ff2ad4066d.jpg]
IQ Test

Came here expecting something very differently.

This url was flagged as inappropriate content.

I had to load it on the phone.

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