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Finance phrases you find annoying
As the title suggests, here is mine.

Risk-adjusted returns. I understand the idea behind risk-adjusted return measures but most of them are used as a way for fund managers to move the goalposts after underperforming. 

The smart money. Large institutional investors are often given this label while mom and pop retail investors are typically considered the dumb money. I have experience working with both individuals and institutions and I can tell you that there is plenty of dumb money in both camps.

Fair market value. Along those same lines, there really is no such a thing as a fair market value for the stock market. Stocks are worth what people are willing to pay for them.

FIRE - Financial Independence, Retire Early

...go away.
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(03-02-2018, 06:52 PM)Bandit Wrote: FIRE - Financial Independence, Retire Early

...go away.


When someone says "I'm bullish this or that"

That ^
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