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Easy Equities Fees
I see they have this FAQ - https://support.easyequities.co.za/suppo...syequities-

However on my account things appears a bit different.

From the file above:
JSE Finance Forum Attachment - Filename: 2016-12-09_12-10-41.jpg   

From my account:
JSE Finance Forum Attachment - Filename: 2016-12-09_12-07-40.jpg   

It appears Interest on cash is 7.00%? - I cant seem to find the section in the FAQ does that reflects that.

There is a fee I cannot seem to find in the above documentation called "Cash Management Fee".

Perhaps I do not fully understand or I might be looking at the wrong documentation, @jonobruton would you mind just clarifying a little bit how the above are calculated?
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Hi guys, sorry for the late reply - holiday has been good! Happy 2017!

EE pay 7% interest less a cash management fee - here is the latest information that is still in effect until March 2017.

I have attached the table that can be found here: EE COST PROFILE

JSE Finance Forum Attachment - Filename: cost profile on interest.png   

Thanks for the reply Jono! Much appreciated.
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There are some changes to the USD side of EE:


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