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EOH - fact or rumor
So EOH's share price is being hammered at the moment all based on a rumor that there has been some under hand dealings. 

I have been buying for a few reasons.

Past history ( looking at increase in HEPS)
PE is a low as it's been for ages
The newspaper that put out the latest piece - has a few issues - the report itself looked like a hack job.
the directors have been buying
Trading update expected - end of the month?
JP Verster likes it.

Own it in my long term portfolio - but bought these for a trade in an ungeared position. Will be patient, avg around 112 and looking for 20%

Tough one this. I saw this tweet earlier https://twitter.com/Richards_Karin/statu...9139256320 pity she blocked me because I disagreed with her.
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"Where there is smoke..."

I actually considered sending my CV to them not so long ago - would be nice working for a listed company.

But I reckon that's something that'll have to wait until this all blows over and/or is finalised. Really glad I'm not there...yet.
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well, guess time will tell. Think it would be odd that some traders know more than the directors. Sure, hard times are here - I am wondering if people are equating ADI's last set of results with EOH? I would be surprised if EOH does not increase heps by 20%+ - way better than the current PE 13- 14 suggests.

What are the volumes (or values rather) of those trades directors are making?

It would look very suspicious if after the news broke of their possible involvement in corruption the directors started selling off shares.
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Buying, as far as I can tell. in pretty big quantities - often done with options.

Looks like they think EOH's share price will be around R150 or better in two years time:

(sample below - but there are lots)

Name of director: John King
Company: EOH Holdings Limited
Class of securities: Options in respect of EOH ordinary shares
Clearance to deal obtained: Yes
Nature of transaction: Option collar – sale of call options and
purchase of put options off-market, whilst
retaining his holding in EOH shares
Option style: European
Date of transaction: 28 July 2017
Number of options: 272 765
Spot price: R105.58
Put strike price: R95.02
Call strike price: R148.87
Expiry date: 30 July 2019
Extent of director’s interest: Direct beneficial

So either they're playing the public and that guy is the fall guy or they reckon there's nothing to worry about Big Grin
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Wow the share prices is killed. EOH Down 40%

IQ Test

Anyone considering buying in @ these low levels? Since share valued @ around R120?

I am considering it. Strongly.
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I bought in @34 this morning. Sitting @ 45 now but moving around ALOT, just couldn't resist

I should buy too
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The low of the day was 26, just after I bought haha if only I got in then....

Got some @ 2720 - pretty happy with that, but my avg cost is still R75 on that account. On my other account avg is R111.50 - ouch.

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