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Double murder mystery: Men found dead in idling car
Paramedics were baffled after the discovery of two men found murdered in their idling vehicle in Heidelberg on Saturday morning.

The men‚ found just off the road in the Rooikraal area‚ had succumbed to multiple gunshot wounds and were dead when paramedics arrived.

Emer-G-Med paramedics were on scene and said that there were few clues as to the events that led up to the killings.

A paramedic attending the scene said: “There are no witnesses; the car was there last night at 6pm already – it was idling right through the night till we got there this morning. And that is all we know.

“They died from multiple gunshots coming from the back seat‚” she said.

When asked if the double murder was suspected to be an organised hit the medic said: “We really can’t speculate. What I can say is that the two died from multiple fatal gunshots. There are no other details and [there is] very poor evidence‚ apart from possible fingerprints.”

The investigation is ongoing.

Source: TimesLive
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Nice, the perfect murder, I hope everyone is taking tips!

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