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Domino's Pizza - Extravaganza
Good lord, now I am full. 

Had the first great pizza ever from Dominoes. 

Ordered the Extravaganza something. Mother, cardboard never tasted so damn good!

JSE Finance Forum Attachment - Filename: domino-pizza-Extravaganza .jpg   
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Never had Dominoes before, but that does look rather good, apart from the olives?

Yea the Olives sucks, but I ate them. Turns out it's not as bad as people make them out to be.

I won't eat them alone, but on there it definitely complimented the over all flavor.
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Seriously? Have we stooped this low to try get Taste's share price moving in the right direction?

have we?


Cool, just checking.
Will post the pic on instagram, twitter and various other forums - let's get that price moving!


Pizza does actually look pretty good. Last night had ribs at the local golf club - R60 for 500g of really nice meaty ribs - not a bad deal!

Hahahaha MrDividend, you see right through me!
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Make your own damn pizza:

50/50 Double thick yoghurt (also goes by the sans-PC name of Greek Yoghurt) and Self Raising flour
Mix that shiaat...add more flour as needed
Schmear it out in an oven pan and coat with cooking oil (I schmear it with a bit of water to even it out)
200℃ for 10 minutes

Top it with tomato paste and whatever else you want (pepperoni, tomato, peppers, onion, and a TON of cheese)
200℃ for 15 minutes

...or buy from Pizza Perfect. But there is no need to go to Dominoes. You're not that desperate.
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Wait a minute. Can you make pizza base with Yogurt?
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(08-03-2017, 10:23 AM)Spreadsheet Ranger Wrote: Wait a minute. Can you make pizza base with Yogurt?

I was wondering the same, am rather perplexed

You can...

It's not gonna beat a proper wood oven pizza BUT it beats the regular take away pizza. Plus, excellent date night idea (well it worked for me anyway...home made "Yoghurt" pizza and wine) :p

Maybe I have a photo somewhere...

EDIT: I don't. Not on me anyhow. Maybe on one of the cameras at home.

You can always google for "two ingredient pizza" but I can never get it to look like the food blogger photoshop guys
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Guess what I will be eating tonight.

Taste should pay you, Ranger.

I would say the Domino's by me was wonderful. Never had a bad experience and yet they closed down. I guess that's that. No more Domino's for me.

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Sad Panda.

Yogurt pizza?

When you make it again, please share it here. I definitely want to see what that looks like.

Describe the taste for us too.

It tastes like pizza. The crust is a bit "softer" than a regular pizza imo but it tastes like the toppings you put on it.
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Yoghurt pizza! Something like this:

JSE Finance Forum Attachment - Filename: pizza1.jpg   

JSE Finance Forum Attachment - Filename: pizza2.jpg   

Obviously you can spread it a bit thinner if you don't like the thick base.

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