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Too Posh To Pay (White-Collar Crime Documentary)

Revealing documentary that uncovers the so-called respectable members of the middle classes who cheat, fiddle and steal their way through life, from petty crime such as fiddling tax and insurance to more serious offenses like burglary, forgery, and fraud.

Cat Ladies (Obsessive Pet Owners Documentary) - Real Stories

Cat Ladies unravels the real story behind the oft-ridiculed 'cat lady' - a cultural stereotype and figure of ridicule for women of a certain age with too many furry companions. Through the intimate portrait of four unique 'cat ladies' we create a sensitive and emotionally honest portrait of women whose lives and self-worth have become intractably linked to cats.

It's not the number of cats that defines someone as a 'cat lady', but rather their attachment, or non-attachment, to human beings. They create a world with their cats in which they are accepted and in control - a world where they ultimately have value.
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Saddam: America’s Best Enemy

The Devil has been hunted down, captured and exhibited, America overcame Saddam Hussein a tyrant is dethroned, Iraq celebrates and the world is now free from evil. That is the legend but forty years of relations between Saddam Hussein and the United States tell a whole other story.

This is the story of a man and a superpower who used one another, the United States regarded him to be a more reliable and dependant Arab tyrant with whom they could deal with. It is a story of intertwining ambitions, shared cynicism and mutual mistrust, from his first steps towards power to his final fall Saddam Hussein saw nine American presidents come and go.

American sought to be the uncontested guardian of the Middle East, however, Saddam saw himself as master of the Arabs, but they had more in common than a mere hunger for power. As far back as this story goes Saddam and the United States were a necessary evil for each other.

This is the story of a tragic misalliance.
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Edmund Kemper: In His Own Words

With the release of Netflix new series entitled Mindhunter there has been a resurgence of interest in one particular serial killer who is depicted throughout, his name is Edmund Kemper or ‎The CoEd Killer. This film manages to combine two interviews together with a sprinkle of dramatisation to give us great insight into Ed’s mind and the motives which lay behind his crimes.

If you have seen Mindhunter you will be familiar with a lot of what is said in these interviews as they heavily influenced the dialog scripted for his character. The first interview was recorded in 1984 and the second is from 1991.

We quickly learn of the root cause for Kemper’s hatred towards women, his mother. At the age of 9 Kemper witnessed his parents go through a rough divorce. Now stuck living with his two sisters and mother, Clarnell, he is the victim to much psychological abuse much of which comes directly from his mother who constantly belittled Kemper on account of his size and mocks his ‘weirdo’ personality.

His mother increasingly enforced the ‘fact’ that no woman will ever love him, teaching him to hate himself, but as a result it was everyone else Kemper started to hate, especially women.
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The Silk Roads

Our western ideal is under great pressure and we can do nothing to influence it, we take refuge in our everyday lives and hide behind new borders, we can’t seem to cope in a world in which we increasingly feel out of place. No wonder says British historian Peter Frankopan, author of the bestseller “The Silk Roads: A New History of the World”.

We are the product of a history in which we have always given ourselves the leading role, as a result, we can’t seem to see the connection between our actions and the changes around us. Before we can understand where the world is headed we need to look back.

Frankopan holds up a mirror to us that shows us an unexpected portrait of our Western civilization and the way we perceive our position in the world, he explains in this film why we must adapt.


The Seven Five

The Seven Five was released in 2014 and it documents the police corruption which was rampant in New York City back in the 80’s, focusing primarily on 75th precinct of the New York Police Department. The main protagonist is Michael Dowd, a former police officer who served for 10 years before getting arrested in 1992, his arrest ultimately led to one of the largest police corruption scandals in New York City history.

Using archived footage from the Mollen Commission investigation in 1992 and interviews with Dowd and fellow officers such as Ken Eurell and Adam Diaz this film beautifully stitches together a wild tale of corruption.

Dowd himself is now considered to be the dirtiest cop in NYC history, a man who headed a ruthless criminal network that stole money and drugs all in the name of financial gain.



Watch this. When they started filming it was just about doping and how to beat it...and then Russia happened. 9/10 easy.
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Revolution OS 

Revolution OS is a 2001 documentary film that traces the twenty-year history of GNU, Linux, open source, and the free software movement.

Directed by J. T. S. Moore, the film features interviews with prominent hackers and entrepreneurs including Richard Stallman, Michael Tiemann, Linus Torvalds, Larry Augustin, Eric S. Raymond, Bruce Perens, Frank Hecker and Brian Behlendorf.
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