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Do you work weekends?
Just curious how many of you work on weekdays and weekends?

How do you deal with being thrown with work 7 days a week.

Used to for short sprints (here a month, there a week or three). Only way I coped was bring young, knowing it wasn't permanent and that there is a bonus waiting.

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Also try not to work weekends...you must have that balance... But sometimes you do have to work over weekends, but then there is a special reason for that.

I am so grateful that I do not work weekend, I do not know how someone can work 7 days a week I would commit suicide if that was to be my life. It's like a mini vacation every 5 days.
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I too am lucky enough not to work weekends, my first job we had to work weekends looking back now; I will never in my life go back to that slavery. I understand some industries especially retail like pick n pay cannot do otherwise, but hell thank god I am not a teller.

Don't work weekends either.

I only work weekends if I have to.. we do fibre rollouts so sometimes we have to...but then again its a home business so no complaints

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