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Do you still read magazines?
I was walking in the mall yesterday and decided to pop into CNA and I saw some pretty cool finance and business magazines and just wondered with all these access to content with the internet do you still read magazines?

I used to read PC Format and N.A.G when that was still a thing, but remember canceling my subscription in 2011 that is when I finally got reliable internet and access to online content. Walking through CNA yesterday made me think maybe I should buy a few of these magazines and see if it’s any good.

So the question, do you buy magazines on a monthly basis?
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The problem with mags is that the content is already stale when it reaches the shelf, even top magazines have subscriptions to give you online exactly what you get in the magazine (investing more so where real time information is quite important). I still think sitting with a magazine and relaxing is a very underrated thing in modern times.

Yeah PC Format, Mars Mlodzinski was editor in SA when I used to read it, then he was replaced by Tamsin Mackay (now Oxford). But Luis Villazon was by far my favourite, the replies he used to give his in his "Ask Luis" column still makes me smile today.

Do not buy magazines anymore as most of the information is already on internet, or I've read about it some where else on internet.

I do buy the local newspaper as they are not in electronic format yet.

Magazines? I tried buying them on online platforms but that also only lasted a month or two. I don't see the point (they're so full of ads anyway).
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I still have an active subscription to Popular Mechanics (Although i get the digital version as part of my subscription) It's true that the content is mostly outdated, or that most information is available on the internet, but i must be honest i do look forward sitting on the potty with my PM. Heck, we still have a magazine holder in our loo.

I still buy the entrepreneur magazine each month, not for the content so much, but rather for the "relaxing" side of it hell sitting with computer screens the whole day, it is quite nice to switch off a bit and grab a magazine to read and they are not all that bad I still learn quite bit from them probably because they did all the googling on my behalf and the result is a magazine with filtered content that is relevant, that is how I see it.

I still prefer a good book, but for light reading and like @Sebulba mentioned, reading a magazine on the loo is right up there with chocolate cake and a green day on the markets.

Interesting feedback. Here is the other part of my question.

Advertising which medium to "respect" the most.

Not sure that is the correct word, what I am trying to ask is if you see and ad for company X on a website (Google adwords) would you be more or less inclined to take not of the ad compared to if that same ad appeared in a magazine you bought?
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If only some of the imported Magazines at CNA was cheaper.
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