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Discuss Valuation Method to be used
Use this thread to discuss the method that will be used for valuation by the club.

Currently the Unit Valuation System (UVS) will be used however this is entirely up for discussion hence this thread.
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I prefer the unit system, as that places no limits on members.

Unit System, also for me appears to be the go to method when I look at other investment clubs, will see if I can draw up a nice spreadsheet that we will keep on an encrypted pen drive and encrypted file in the cloud to be safe.
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Are we going to run this in a spreadsheet or write the software?

If I can figure out a spec then I can probably built it. then again excel is probably the best route an encrypted one, updated once a month?
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Suggest spreadsheet for the start, once we have it running, then we have the specs also and can then decide if its worthwhile writing the software?

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Now to draw up the spreadsheet Smile

I am going to look on PSG's website if they don't maybe have a skeleton
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Haha cheater!

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