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Discuss Club Communication
Use this thread to discuss anything related to the communication protocol that the club uses.

Currently we have the following structure:

Whatsapp will be used for Notifications ONLY any member breaking that rule will be temporarily banned from the Whatsapp group.

E-mail will be used for general club announcements and queries which will also be announced on the forum. The E-mail protocol will also be used to send the bank statement and other financial reports to members which cannot be publicly displayed here. 

The forum will be used for everything except sensitive matters.
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Agreed on the above, whatapp only for announcements.

Propose also that the documents should be dated and given a version number, just to keep track of it better after it has been edited.

Totally agreed with the date stamps of documents and then saved in archive folders.
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Looks like you guys got this covered Big Grin

haha no! we want more input! Tongue

You know how the saying goes, less is more.

Besides, too much communication turns into spam Big Grin

True true!!

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