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Dent Coin ICO

Just like most ICOs , this one also sounds interesting and obviously has potential.

What is Dent coin exactly? In simple terms, lets say you go away on holiday and travel to the US, or wherever. You now need mobile data as we all know International Roaming costs a small fortune!

With Dent you can buy said mobile data from someone in the US, or wherever, that is selling their spare data for a fraction of what International Roaming data will cost by using your Dent tokens. The seller will in return get some dent tokens that they can sell for their own currency.

Sounds simple enough right?

Minimum purchase of 20ETH ? That's a bit heavy considering the model doesn't really cater for growth in value.

The more expensive one Dent token becomes, the more expensive the corresponding data becomes. Viable for investors? I have my doubts.

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