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Critique my ETF portfolio
Ok so I think I have made up my mind to finish the tax year. As said earlier, my TFSA looks like this:

INDI25 - 20%
STXQUA - 20%

STXWDM - 20%
STXEMG - 20%
SYG4IR - 10%

In my wife's account the plan is to split it as follows:


GLODIV (The new Coreshares Global Dividend Aristocrats)

The main idea is to diversify this from my own TFSA. I have not decided on percentages yet but it will probably be 50/50. I'd like to get some big chunks into the dividend ETFs in hoping that they will make up in dividends what they might lack in growth. All dividends will be reinvested.

I've just had a look how my ETFs fared during the market crash of the past two weeks. We have been on an extended bull run for quite some time now and this sudden volatility and crash has made me re-assess my portfolio, as I now have some evidence of what happens in down market as well as an up market.

My ETF portfolio from best to worst performance:

Satrix Quality SA Port        (STXQUA)    + 2.11 %
CORESHARESTOP50         (CTOP50)    - 4.05 %
Satrix MSCI EMG Markets   (STXEMG)    - 4.12 %
Ashburton Gbl 1200Eq      (ASHGEQ)    - 6.43 %
Satrix INDI Portfolio           (STXIND)    - 8.57 %
CoreShares Global Prop     (GLPROP)    - 10.63 %
Sygnia Itrix 4Ind Rev Gb   (SYG4IR)    - 11.84 %

My thoughts on the results:

STXQUA was the top performer in the crashing market and the only one that stayed green. Although this is not strictly a high dividend ETF, dividend yield are used to determine the quality of the companies in the ETF, so it's kind of a hybrid. But the performance in this rout has confirmed the theory of the importance of a high dividend yield ETF as part of a balanced portfolio as a bear-market hedge and convinced me it is a crucial part in my TFIA portfolio. I shall therefore be adding STXDIV as well over the next few months.

Globally, emerging markets performed better than developed markets, even in the crash. Its ability to outperform developed markets in both bull and bear markets has convinced me that I was wise to have equal holdings in both ASHGEQ and STXEMG. I'll carry on buying these two in equal proportions.

STXIND: Just as Bandit has always warned about Market Cap distribution, a 16% drop in Naspers has totally hammered this ETF, which is comprised of roughly 40% Naspers. This is a perfect example of the dangers of both market-cap-distributed and industry-specific ETFs. That being said, it has been the top performer over 10 years, so I won't sell it, but I think I'll keep it capped at 10% of my portfolio.

SYG4IR: Yeah, yeah, what can I say? I knew this would be a gamble, and so far my pile of chips is way down.  Should I sell out or go all-in? The trouble with this one is that I think the rewards will be seen in the very far distant future (maybe 10 years), so it's a massive risk to keep buying this one for 10 years. If I'm wrong, I've wasted 10% of my TFIA, but if I'm right, my pile of chips will become mountains of chips. Tough call...

Your STXQUA may have stayed green, mine was pretty red. It recovered a bit today (over 3%) so not sure when you checked.

It's still -2.5% for me. TFSA took a real hammering and easily lost 7-8% in total before today.
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Hi guys

Recently just started with this. I submitted an order for the following:

Please tell me what you think about this.

GLPROP about 15%
NFEMOM about 35%
SYGWD about 50%

(03-29-2018, 11:04 AM)Derell Wrote: Hi guys

Recently just started with this. I submitted an order for the following:

Please tell me what you think about this.

GLPROP about 15%
NFEMOM about 35%
SYGWD about 50%

My biggest critique is that you're only looking at developed markets and not emerging markets, which have been outperforming developed market for years in terms of growth.

I'd want to add at least 15% emerging markets on the offshore mix. So maybe:

GLPROP about 15%
NFEMOM about 35% (Although I personally prefer CTOP50)
SYGWD about 35%
STXEMG 15% (May boost your offshore growth a little)

Otherwise, it's a good mix!

I'd suggest SYGP instead of GLPROP - lower TER and the average spread has been quite a bit lower

Hi All

Bit late to the party, but would like some critique of my portfolio. Currently as follows:



CTOP50 30%



Thinking of adding some STXQUA for more local exposure.


I'd definitely add some STXQUA. It's had a bit of a rough year, particularly because of TBS and AVI, but the plus side is that it's cheap at the moment.

In a bearish market, high dividend stocks almost always outperform momentum stocks, and STXQUA is full of high dividend companies, so if the fears of recession come true, the STXQUA should shine. Plus, it's got SLM, TRU and CML as major components, and these three are set to skyrocket, in my opinion.

I've got 11% of my ETF portfolio in STXQUA, and despite its recent slide, it's still my favourite ETF due to its amazing fundamentals. If I were you, I'd definitely go 10% STXQUA, and take that percentage from STXWDM or CTOP50 depending on how much local/offshore exposure you want.

I'd keep your GLPROP, PTXTEM and STXEMG percentages exactly as is for now. These are being slaughtered at the moment, but if you're in it for the long haul, these should outperform the market average substantially.

The only other change I might suggest is buying some GLODIV (take the percentage from STXWDM) to balance the global quality/value ETF (GLODIV) against your momentum ETF (STXWDM). In a bullish global market, STXWDM should excel, but if the market goes bearish, GLODIV should do much better.

Awesome, thanks so much for the advice Saurus, I'll definitely consider those tweaks

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