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CoreShares investment platform
So, a while back when CoreShares launched their own online platform I did a few tests, compared fees etc. and found a bug that they fixed. All good, and it turned out that they are cheaper than EE for bigger trade amounts. In the end I didn't use them any further because I already had EE and ABSA.

But, since I think EE is a shiny Candy Crush Saga UI on a very manual platform and ABSA decided they hate smaller investors and introduced penalty fees I've been looking for an alternative.

CoreShares came up again and I really like it as a platform to use for long term fuss free investment. But, I have concerns:

1. I picked up the issue where they were charging VAT or something (can't remember exactly) where they shouldn't, alerted them and they fixed it.

2. The UI back when they launched had an issue where once you reload/refresh the page you have to log in again. First I thought this part of growing pains and they'll fix it. Yesterday I logged in and the above issue is still there.

3. Yesterday I scheduled debit order to go off on the 3rd... they didn't. Not sure if I was too late or if it is broken.
EDIT: Answer to this can be found in T&Cs - "New debit orders must be received by the 10th day of month to be effective the 25th of the month and the 20th day of the month to be effective on the 1st working day of the following month."

4. Some of their images do not display, instead there is a big grey box.

Now, like I said, I like the platform and its potential but I have to question if CoreShares actually care about it or if it is just sitting there gathering dust and all their focus is on OUTvest. I can't be the only one picking up these issues.

So, are any of you using them or is there somebody from CoreShares that can give us reassurance that this platform is a priority (or if we should migrate to OUTvest)?
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Is Outvest only Coreshares products too?

(05-03-2018, 12:24 PM)jman Wrote: Is Outvest only Coreshares products too?

OUTsurance owns part of CoreShares
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So in their defence, and I didn't see this before, but when you go to https://coreshares.co.za/ there is a big banner with an invest button going to their platform. So it doesn't look like they are "shifting focus" to OUTvest.

Would like the platform more polished though.
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Some feedback from Coreshares.
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Noice. Will patiently wait for it.

Not that there is much to do on the site once the debit orders are scheduled Big Grin

My bad guys Tongue
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