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Companies to invest in today?
Which companies have the most to win/lose with todays outcome of the secret vote?

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Probably companies linked to the Guptas.

If Zuma gets voted out they will drop like a potato? That is assuming there will be arrests and investigations when he loses power.

Then other companies that are suppressed by his regime should come out and prosper today if he loses.

Which ones in particular - I have no idea. I do not really follow politics or invest in that space.

Yup, I'm pretty clueless in this regard as well.

Heck only found out yesterday about the vote of no confidence :p

If I had to take a guess winners - financials. Standard Bank, Investec etc maybe?

Keyword: guess. Will rather kick myself than be broke AF! Big Grin
IQ Test

Shoprite, curro, naspers, capitec

Who esle has good comments on where to go?

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