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Chicken Breasts and Lean Mince Price Comparison
We went and compared the prices of chicken breast and lean mince form the stores around Bellville. 

Chicken breasts, deboned R59. 99 pkg
Lean mince R89. 99 pkg

Food lovers
Lean mince R89. 98
Chicken breasts, deboned R59. 99

Eatwell meats
Chicken breasts deboned R75. 99
Lean beef mince R99. 99

Lean mince R94.99
Deboned chicken breasts (quite horrible, previously frozen) ranging between 50 & 65

Calvinia vleis
Deboned chicken breasts R69. 95
Lean mince 84.99

PK Vleis
(don't have lean) mince R67. 95 pkg
Deboned chicken breasts 56.95 pkg

Deboned chicken breasts R55.99
Beef lean mince R79. 99
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