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Blue Label Telecoms
Do any of you own Blue Label shares? 
What do you guys think about the future of Airtime?

I owned some, but I then sold them for a profit, but back then I bought Blue Label purely based on a recommendation from a friend, but this time round I am looking more and more into the tech space in South Africa and thought since we have threat for Adapt IT, I might as well add one for Blue label.
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Ranger, have a read of the below, a little outdated but might assist:
I dont know much about blue label, have my eyes set on Huge Group potentially.

HUG looks solid, I've looked at them a few times. They will definitely be one of my picks.
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Just bought into Blue Label

What made you buy into them?
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I am also following them. I would like to hear what others think as well.

Been reading alot of articles about them recently, some showing that they are very under valued at the moment, and should be around 25 bucks a share. Also banking on their lucrative cell c deal to start pulling in some good revenue. I dont have anything in telecommunications at the moment so its also to diversify.

I was considering Huge group as well but they are not very liquid shares so that concerns me becuase it means I have to commit for the very LT to hopefully be rewarded.

I like Blue Label, they are in the lower end of the market. They have businesses in Mexico and India not yet profitable but could make a fortune there. The CellC deal could make or break them, and the "black" ownership requirement could be problematic. I have some and prefer them to Vodacom. MTN has too many problems. I have 4.5% of my portfolio in them so i am prepared for an interesting ride.

Not the most trustworthy management around, they seem to be involved everywhere the Guptas are.

Guess they're a good buy because of it.

[Image: 2e1297987f8223d2054749fda1b08fc1.jpg]

Check it out.

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