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Blockfolio to track all of your investments ?
I've recently bought more alt coins and keeping track of them individually(prices, news..etc) can be a lot of effort. I found out about Blockfolio and was wondering if it is a good app to track ones investments ? Or is there even a much efficient and trustworthy alternative ?

PS: My cryptos aren't that high in price so I'm storing them on Jaxx for now but will soon get myself a cold storage wallet.

We created a website - https://Coindata.co.za (it just displays the prices, but it is very minimalist so might be of use), but to track your net worth, by putting in I own X amount of X coins and then have a total, I am not sure where you'd find that, but https://www.cryptocompare.com/ will come close. https://www.cryptocompare.com/portfolio/ in fact now that I look at it, I think that is what you want.
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Maybe try https://etherscan.io

It should show the total for all ether based coins if I'm not mistaken.

I use blockfolio, its great! Although some days you don't want to open it haha

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